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Executing Action on Sensor Input


I could not find any information if this is possible to configure somehow, so excuse me if I missed it.
Is it possible to directly execute an action that is triggered by some sensor input without doing a round-trip over the coordinator? I would like to set one or two local shortcut buttons for IR/RF devices.
(Apparently it is possible in ESPhome, but they don’t support the CC1101 I want to use.)

Example: Sending RF Off Code to some lights by pressing a GPIO Button. Ideally even when the coordinator is down.

Thanks for the help.


You would have to write your own code to do this. This is not supported as a configuration.

Thanks for the clarification. I suppose it would only make sense if you could also program which action is executed via control command.

Do you think there is some interest in adding such a feature or is it too special of a use-case?