Feature Request: Powerpal Energy Monitor

Hoping this one may be simple, it’s been implemented on the ESPhome project and pretty well documented here: GitHub - WeekendWarrior1/powerpal_ble: Collection of code, tools and documentation for data retrieval over BLE from your Powerpal

if it were possible to add compatibility with this device it’d be great, as the compatible version of ESPhome isn’t capable of doing it via the boards I own, and I’d prefer to stick to one solution for all my devices.

Also may make it a good use case to attract users, as there are a fair number of Australian users of this device looking for ways to retrieve the data.

Hi @Underestimated,

Looking at the link you provided it looks as if getting the info is only possible after pairing with the device and then registering for notifications and/or reading/writing specific services/characteristics.

This is out of scope of BLE OpenMQTTGateway.

While I don’t really think it’ll be the case, let us know if the device also freely broadcasts BLE advertisements when monitoring your BLE gateway output.

If this is the case we could see if there is any valuable information encoded in such broadcasts.