Feature request: Support for Xiaomi/Yeelight BLE Candela

Any hope of getting support for the Xiaomi/Yeelight Ambiance Candela? It’s a mesh BLE device that works with the Yeelight app. It’s a fairly cool mesh BLE light - would love to get it working w/ MQTT. I found a github repository where someone got it working with Python: GitHub - rytilahti/python-yeelightbt: Python library for Yeelight's bedside (btle) and candela lamps



You could try first to command it directly with the service / characteristic / value like below:

If you find the good trio you should be able to control the light, we can integrate it after into OMG.

That’s a great suggestion. Thank you. I’ll start there.

Follow up - is this the best way to start reverse engineering any BLE device?

You can take the infos (service/char/value) from existing program like below:

And see if you succeed controlling

Also helpful for the various ON, OFF, INTENSITY, FLICKER command values