For CC1101 Transceiver, should we migrate to the RadioLib library?

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Within OpenMQTTGateway should we switch to the RadioLib library for CC1101 support ? Am asking as it would allow us to support more Transceiver modules in the future, like the sx127x I have been working with this month.

I have RadioLib working with a CC1101 and rtf_433_ESP.

Obliviously the transition would require significant regression testing, but their is future value with additional module support

I think yes when I see that RadioLib is actively maintained and supports a wide range of RF modules.


and with a possible nRF24L01 module support it could mean getting closer to

which would make me think of switching my mysensors gateway over to an ethernet OMG version as well.

Okay, let me spend some time on design and transition planning for this