FS1000A build target

I just build up an ESP32 NodeMCU with FS1000A receiver/transmitter boards. I am not quiet sure which build target to use. I tried esp32dev-{rf|pilight|rtl_433}. OMG connects to my WiFi and MQTT broker, but I don’t receive any events when pushing buttons on my 433 remote and now trying to debug.
What is the correct build target for the FS1000A?

I would start by esp32dev-rf and if not working try esp32dev-pilight

What is the brand and model of your remote ?

Thanks, I will try both targets.

The remote is a simple no name relais control one. Just like this one: 4 taste 433 mhz RF Fernbedienung Lernen code 1527 EV1527 Für Relais Empfänger 433 mhz Fernbedienung Schalter Sehr lange abstand 50m 200m| | - AliExpress

Okay, I dug a little deeper and found hints that my remote might be in fact sending at 315MHz. So it seems that I will need a CC1101, as the FS1000A doesn’t seem to be capable of being switched to 315MHz, correct?
Can all CC1101 modules be switched to 315MHz? ‘Makershop’ Germany seels them, but the board has “868MHz Module” printed on it, so I am a little skeptical.

It can’t, you can buy one that supports 315Mhz, nevertheless

Depends on the module, I suppose, and on the antenna, I would rather go for one that officially state the 315Mhz support

While it seems they can all be switched codewise, I have both the 868MHz and 433Mhz versions, which Makershop also sells, and find that the 868MHz performs worse at 433Mhz when set to it than the dedicated 433Mhz version, and vice versa. So for your 315Mhz remote I would assume a 433Mhz CC1101 might be better suited to be changed to 315Mhz.

Or a dedicated 315Mhz FS1000A, or if the remote really is 433Mhz an SRX882.

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They sell it, but it is not available at the moment.

I just got a dedicated 315Mhz FS1000A and the remote (receiving and also sending to the device) now works! Thanks a lot for the hints!