Gardena Minimow

I would like to control a Bluetooth Gardena Minimow using OMG and an ESP32. Will update this post once the ESP32 is flashed and can see the Minimow MAC address

Nice, feel free to share your progress!

I’ve just flashed the ESP32 and can see it on my broker. I can also see the Minimow which has the following data on the BTtoMQTT Topic - what do I do next?

  "id": "12:34 56:78:9A:BC",
  "mac_type": 0,
  "name": "MyMowerName"
  "manufacturerdata": "123456789ABCDEF0",
  "rssi": -94


Is this the real data ?

Nope, I figured it would be private data? I’ve just knocked up a quick OpenHAB rule to log it whenever it changes and I then started and stopped the mower. That data didn’t seem to change, and it also didn’t seem to change when I logged in using the app

Curiously enough I monitored it with another device (Happy Bubbles BLE) and both see 2 Hex Strings

{"hostname": "HappyBubbles",
"mac": "123456789ABC",
"rssi": -95,
"is_scan_response": "1",
"type": "0",
"data": "0bff260402050004060a1d04060854696d6d79"}


{"hostname": "HappyBubbles",
"mac": "123456789abc",
"rssi": -95,
"is_scan_response": "0",
"type": "0",
"data": "1106e46ddc75bfdde5841a420e0b0100bd9802010609ff2604050411819e0c"}

whereas OpenMQTTGateway reports




Both frames are detected regardless of whether the app is loaded on my iphone, and all broadcasts stop when the app is connected so it seems we need to emulate an app connection to do anything useful