Gateway (ESP32-Pilight) sends status but no response on commands to MQTT but to serial

Hello I am trying to set up a gateway for a lot of 433Mhz sensors. I installed directly the Pilight with a simple RF receiver from the web. Both on an esp8266 and an esp32 with the same result.

First of all I seem to have a problem that the gateway doesn’t reply me when I send a command to list protocols. They are listed on the serial port but not on mqtt., but the gateway sends regurlarly status messages on mqtt.

> N: Send on /SYStoMQTT msg {"uptime":65405,"version":"v1.1.1","freemem":21696,"mqttport":"1883","mqttsecure":false,"rssi":-59,"SSID":"Iota","BSSID":"04:42:1A:BE:1A:21","ip":"","mac":"B4:E6:2D:4A:38:B5","actRec":1,"modules":["Pilight"]}
> N: [ MQTT->OMG ]: {"enabled":true}
> N: PiLight protocols enabled: ["x10","tfa30","tfa2017","tfa","teknihall","techlico_switch","tcm","smartwares_switch","silvercrest","selectremote","secudo_smoke_sensor","sc2262","rsl366","rc101","quigg_screen","quigg_gt9000","quigg_gt7000","quigg_gt1000","pollin","ninjablocks_weather","nexus","mumbi","logilink_switch","kerui_D026","iwds07","impuls","heitech","ev1527","eurodomest_switch","elro_800_switch","elro_800_contact","elro_400_switch","elro_300_switch","ehome","daycom","conrad_rsl_switch","conrad_rsl_contact","cleverwatts","clarus_switch","beamish_switch","auriol","arctech_switch_old","arctech_switch","arctech_screen_old","arctech_screen","arctech_motion","arctech_dusk","arctech_dimmer","arctech_contact","alecto_wx500","alecto_wsd17","alecto_ws1700"]
> N: Send on /PilighttoMQTT msg {"enabled":true}
> N: Send on /SYStoMQTT msg {"uptime":65525,"version":"v1.1.1","freemem":21680,"mqttport":"1883","mqttsecure":false,"rssi":-56,"SSID":"Iota","BSSID":"04:42:1A:BE:1A:21","ip":"","mac":"B4:E6:2D:4A:38:B5","actRec":1,"modules":["Pilight"]}

The startmessage is

  "mqtt_port": "1883",
  "mqtt_user": "",
  "mqtt_pass": "",
  "mqtt_topic": "home/",
  "gateway_name": "OpenMQTTGateway_ESP8266_Pilight",
  "mqtt_broker_secure": false,
  "mqtt_broker_cert": "",
  "mqtt_ss_index": 0,
  "ota_server_cert": "",
  "ota_pass": "OTAPASSWORD"
}*wm:[2] Added Parameter: server
*wm:[2] Added Parameter: port
*wm:[2] Added Parameter: user
*wm:[2] Added Parameter: pass
*wm:[2] Added Parameter: secure
*wm:[2] Added Parameter: cert
*wm:[2] Added Parameter: name
*wm:[2] Added Parameter: topic
*wm:[2] Added Parameter: ota
N: Attempting Wifi connection with saved AP: 0
N: Switching to Pilight Receiver
N: OpenMQTTGateway modules: ["Pilight"]
N: ************** Setup OpenMQTTGateway end **************
W: MQTT connection...
N: Connected to broker

The i don’t see any RF receptions not in the serial nor on mqtt… The receiver send nice pulse trains and my other RT433 receiver finds a lot of sensors.

Is your issue possibly wiring, either on the hardware or software side of the GPIO pins of your receiver?

I see that in your config, it is saying the the receiver is connected to GPIO 0, which is not a good GPIO on a ESP32. You should move the connection to a different GPIO

Take a look at this for ideas, if you scroll 1/2 way down they have a nice chart

Thanks a lot for the response. The attached config file was for the Esp8266, for Esp32 is was connected to pin 27 (I tested also 26).
But shouldn’t I receive a response on MQTT on the PIlight protocol listing the protocol? I only get “enabled true” back.

I also tested to flash a SonoffRF bridge with sonoff-rfbridge-direct from the web (and HW modification) but that is stonedead, no WIFI and connection dialogue (the Espressif startup response is there but then nothing from OpenMQtt on the serial port). So no success yet with anything. Is there a binary for sonoff-rfbridge-direct and I can test to flash with espressif tool instead?