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Gateway Esp32 with ethernet shield "AIO" IR - BLE - RF and ADC, PWM, BME 280, GPIO Input HCSR501 work!

Hi everyone! Thanks you for sharing this amazing work! I try to realize a gateway all in one ethernet, utilizing an Esp32 D1 mini whit transceiver Lan8720. For this i modified some values on file ETH on library.

If anyone is interested I can share the wiring diagram and related parameters.

Actually the gateway work perfectly contemporary with this protocol: IR, BT, RF. Also are active the fuctions: ADC, PWM, BME 280, GPIO Input HCSR501. I would like to activate the function gateway sms 2g “GSM A6” on serial port 1 “pin 2 and 4” but, in the fase of the activation it generate an error. I try to comment Softwareserial library but I can’t compile it.
It would be great if you can implement … even if I Know that this library is not suitable.
Someone can help me?


Hi @Joseph ,

I’m very interested in your setup. Aiming exact the same thing. Please post your documentation/findings/tricks, looking forward to it!

Kind regards,

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Hi Bart,
I will inform you with real pleasure in the coming days by sharing the documentation needed to be able to carry out the card.
See you soon