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Gateway found but no devices

I have just loaded openmqttgateway onto my new esp32 dev board to monitor my inkbird ibt-4xs bbq thermometer in Homeassistant.

I am able to see the gateway in Homeassistant but I do not see the thermometer entity.

Can anyone provide some tips as to what I might have done wrong?

do you have your smartphone disconnected from the INKBIRD?

Thanks for taking the time to help me.
I have switched off bluetooth on my phone, but no change.

Does the device have to be paired or should it just detect the signal automatically?

It should be detected automaticaly like below in Devices section,

if you could access to your mqtt broker with a client like mqtt explorer you could verify if data are coming into it

wait a few minutes and verify the msg that are coming, you may post then here if you don’t see temperatures coming.

Note that I’m deleting your previous post because MAC addresses can be sensitive informations

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Are you using v0.9.7 by the way ?

I am on 0.9.6, should I upgrade?
Unfortunately still not seeing any data other that name and rssi.

I also went over the upload process and I am now wondering if I used the correct files.
Here is what I used:

Yes. This sensor is supported from v0.9.7

That was it, thank you so much.
I avoided 0.9.7 because it was in beta.

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