Getting a T-Internet-POE (ESP32) Board to run

I am totally new here (And sorry to say I don’t see the benefits of OMG yet → Compared to Tasmota; But I give a try ;). )

I have the following ESP32 Board:

(Need Wifi + LAN (PoE)
As you see I have the following free Pins:

  • IO 02
  • IO 04
  • IO 12
  • IO 14
  • IO 15
  • IO 16
  • IO 32
  • IO 33
  • IO 34
  • IO 35
  • IO 36
  • IO 39

Sucessfully flashed Tasmota and everythink working with this on the pins

Now to give OMG the first try with this board I need to know how each bin is preconfigured and what to do to get LAN working.

Additionaly your docu is talking about GPIO 27 & 12 as defaults for SRX882s + STX882

How to change them? Before build or in some dynamic config during run?
After all what con be configured after first flash?

Greatings Oekel

PS: Might it be possible to flash your *.bin (there are allways 2?) within OTA of Tasmota and wise versa?

Happy new Year!

How active is the community here? Did I ask the question so badly or violate some rules or does it still count as usual not to get an answer for several weeks?
(I really don’t mean any offense, but as a newbie I can only warm up to a project if I’m given help.)

Tasmota changed partition layout. Not compatible

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what woult be a good template/base to work with?
I have the following PinMap

Supported Boads like:

Have “blocked” GPIO34/39 and seems not to be a good choice.

I currently try to add an OMG_t-Internet-POE_env.ini but not feeling fine with existing documentation :frowning:

A bit more forum searching and reading might also help to clarify things, I hope. :wink: