Getting started with a 917MHz Weather Station

I can run rtl_433 using an SDR USB dongle at 817MHz and see the signals from my weather station. It reports model as ‘Bresser-6in1’. RTL_433 decodes all the data and formats it nicely.

I want to use OMG to get the weather station data and pass it to MQTT.

I’m using an ESP32 Dev board wired to a CC1101. It wired OK and basically working because I have see signals decoded from other devices at 433MHz.

My device is sending messages to MQTT. I can see them in MQTT Explorer, but nothing from my weather station.

I’ve tried various downloads from the web (Option 1) without success. I’m currently trying with OMG_multi_receiver, having set the frequency to 917MHz via the web UI.

Nothing with the RTL_433 library, or RF or RF2 libraries, changed via the web UI.

I really don’t know where to go from here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For the Bresser to Mqtt i used this code and i added the Display with a TTGO Lora v1 Board 868