Govee Water Detector H5054 not seen by lilygo-rtl_433 - looking for troubleshooting info

I am new to OpenMQTTGateway and very impressed so far.

I have fairly new Govee H5054 water detectors, purchased this year. I have a new LilyGo 433 LORA32, T3_V1.6.1.

I haven’t seen any traffic for the water detectors, even with getting them wet or pushing the button. (The device is functional as a stand-alone: it detects and the alarm sounds.

So, I am wondering what troubleshooting I can do without any specialized equipment. Is there a way to look at rejected traffic? Is there a different firmware that can be downloaded that would show what is being received by the radio?

Is this the best place to be asking, or is there somewhere else that is more focused on the decoding?

How are you looking for communication? MQTT Explorer? I get occasional messages with the latest firmware, but it is far from consistent. Also have issues with the creation of entities in HA corresponding to the water leak.

I have looked in the serial monitor and in MQTT Explorer and haven’t seen anything yet. I have just loaded v1.5.0 and still no Govee.

Could you send a photo of the sensor, just want to check if they are the same as mine.

Mine are these:

Also, mine need to be in very close proximity, even then I seem to be missing most messages.

The Govee label is missing “Number: 2”. Maybe they sent me old stock.

Here is the board that I am using:

Thanks, this may be the explanation why you don’t see yours and I see mine