GS-WDS07 433 MHz door sensors with recent versions of OMG

I’m have a problem detecting GS-WDS07 433 MHz door sensors with recent versions of OMG. My 433 MHz basic PIR 1527 motion sensors are detected with all versions of OMG up to and including v1.6.0.

The 433 MHz transceiver is a CC1101 with a SMA antenna. My board is an esp32dev. I have IR, BT and RF gateways enabled but reducing to RF only makes no difference.

Using OMG v1.6.0 the detection range for GS-WDS07 433 MHz door sensor is only about 1 foot. If I revert back to OMG v1.3.0 the door sensors are detected throughout the house.

I’ve even tried using lithium AAA batteries in the GS-WDS07 door sensors hoping the slightly higher voltage would increase the range but that didn’t help.

Any explanation as to why the 433 MHz PIR sensors are detected without a problem but the GS-WDS07 door sensor range was greatly reduced after OMG v1.3.0?

Could you try v1.5.0 and share if it works okay. This will enable to narrow down the problematics changes.

OMG v1.3.0 has the longest range for the door sensor. OMG v1.4.0 seems to have only about a 20’ range for the door sensor but that’s difficult to quantify. OMG v1.5.1 has the shortest door sensor range <1’. With all three OMG versions the PIR sensor has >30’ range through a wall.

Using this prod_env.ini file with only changing the OMG_VERSION between versions.

; 2023-09-13 joe                                                                       ;
default_envs = 

; 2023-09-13 joe                                                                      ;
;  blue
platform = ${com.esp32_platform}
board = esp32dev
board_build.partitions = min_spiffs.csv
lib_deps =
;  ${com-esp32.lib_deps}
build_flags =
;   ${com-esp32.build_flags}
  '-DOMG_VERSION="1.3.0 2023-09-13 blue"'
  '-DPUBLISH_UNPARSED=true' ; publish unparsed signal details
  ; *** LEDs ***
  ; *** Actuator ***
; *** Input ***
; *** RF Module Options ***
  '-DRF_CC1101="CC1101"'  ; CC1101 Transceiver Module
  '-DRF_MODULE_CS=5'      ; pin to be used as chip select
  '-DRF_MODULE_GDO0=27'   ; CC1101 pin GDO0 (receiver)
  '-DRF_MODULE_GDO2=12'   ; CC1101 pin GDO2 (emitter)
  '-DRF_MODULE_INIT_STATUS=true'    ; Display transceiver config during startup

As a quick test in platformio.ini for OMG v1.5.1 I changed
esp32_platform = espressif32@6.1.0
esp32_platform = espressif32@3.5.0
and the door sensor range problem seems to have gone away. The 433 MHz PIR sensors and Sonoff RM433 remotes also work but wasn’t having a problem with them before.

Haven’t done any more extensive testing of this.

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Exciting catch, not sure how is the platform change impacting this but something to dig into.

Did some more testing with OMG v1.6.0.

With any esp32_platform later than espressif32@3.5.0 both the 433 MHz door sensor and Sonoff RM433 remote must be very close to the CC1101 antenna to be detected. The no response is shown on the serial monitor unless the device is less than about 1 foot away. Using esp32_platform expressif32@4.0.0 may have a little better detection range, but it’s still not good.

Don’t know what else I can try to help identify the source of the problem.

I found that adding

esp32_platform = espressif32@3.5.0

to my prod_env.ini file works without the need to modify platformio.ini.