GS-WDS07 433Mhz Door sensor with open/close status

The first one looks great and the price is excellent, especially with the use of a common AAA battery.
I don’t see a temper sensor on it, but for me at least its not needed.

What kind of range did you get indoors?

I’ve ordered this one for leakage detection to place near my washing machine and refrigerator since its the only one i’ve found which (supposedly) sends a low voltage alert:

Now i’m looking for a low power stand-alone learning RF receiver which will trigger a wireless motor+battery device that will unlock all the internal doors in the house when someone is home.

I’m using these as well. Good price and cheap to replace batteries, though I occasionally get a door or window that remains ‘open’ even though it is closed.

Can confirm they do have a low battery and tamper signal as a separate code. Mine do not have a tamper switch, same as the photos above, but there is a spot there on the PCB for one next to the reed switch (4 pcb holes marked S2), so if you can find an appropriate switch, a tamper option can be added. The tamper code is sent when the circuit is broken.

If the close code is for example 1000010 then the other codes will be:

battery 1000002
tamper 1000003
open 1000006
close 1000010

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Sorry, I’m new and this is probably a daft question. I got one of these senors recently and sucessfully got it working with the gateway, but I notice my codes are different:

Closed 3225102
Open 3225098

From the above I’m guessing the low battery code will be 3225094?

Do all sensors of this model have unique codes like this? I’m hoping this is the case so I can use multiple sensors and determine which window/door is open.

Yes I think so, they all have different code in the limit of being unfortunate, but there is a quite huge range of values possible.

I have about 15 of these sensors and you are indeed correct, the codes do not always end in 06 and 10 for open and close. They are always 4 apart though. And I am guessing that your assumption on the low battery code is correct, but I have yet to test it…

Thanks both. I’ve got a second sensor up and running nicely :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
after few weeks using 5 of these sensors i realized that something is wrong with reliability…
In details the problem on all of the units is the one showed by this video:

If i open the contact slowly, it locks and doesn’ t work anymore until i hit with my finger the unit.
Did anybody experience this issue? Any possible solution?


You have the issue with the 5 or only one?

I tested with mine:

  • opened very slowly and the movement was detected when the magnet was 2-3 cm away from the base
  • closed slowly and the magnet was redetected at 2-3 cm from the base

all of them… and it looks like i’m not the only one :frowning: also on other forums i found the same issue description!
maybe a faulty production lot?

in my understanding probably seems like the plates of the reed remain coupled. This may explain why there is no more trigger in both directions, and also when i hit with my finger the sensor probably the plates are open again and signal is triggered.
Maybe do you know if i can find only the reed and replace it?

Yes you should be able to replace it:

maybe check the dimensions of the reed switch.
Another possibility is to ask for a refund to the seller and buy new ones or the new digoo.

thanks for your link!
which is the new digoo?

Here is it

I’ve got one sensor with strange behaviour. I’ve installed it on a metallic frame window. It detects only the open signal, not the close one.

Removing the sensor from the metallic window frame, and testing it, everything works as should be. Maybe it is getting some sort of interference,

Yes this is mainly due to the fact that you are on a metallic window, here is another example with a fridge

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I am facing some other problem with the GS-WDS07 433mhz door sensor my default open code is D1810A and Close code is D1810E . Sometimes the door sensor sends random codes

It happens with 433mhz basic protocols. While you received also the good ones you don’t have to worry about that.

no, actually it changing the open and close code randomly and automatically why that happens

Your messages doesnt seems to be OpenMQTTGateway ones. Could you indicate the version used ?