HA Native API integration?


I was wondering if there is any commitment or interest in integrating sort of EspHome native API for HomeAssistant.
It looks much better with respect MQTT (lighter, quicker) and doesn’t need a further component to rely on (an MQTT broker).

As HA user it would be really welcome! :slight_smile:



I’m curious about this idea,
Do you know if there is some comparisons with measurements between mqtt vs a native integration ?


In terms of speed I remember a post of Ottowinter on homeassistant forum speaking about 1/3 of data transferred with respect to MQTT.

Higher Speed I guess mainly depends also on the fact you bypass the broker.
Recently I moved all my sonoff touch from MQTT to native api and quicker response is appreciable


I have heard that also but I didn’t find any measurement to verify that.

Well, it should be faster BUT MQTT layer gives you much greater flexibility and independency from HA, i.e it doesn’t matter what Home automation system you use as soon as it can interact with MQTT broker.

So it’s more like a political decision if you want… from my point of view, of course :wink: