Help for compiling a bin


I’m familiar with tools such as ESPHome which effectively is just YAML and hitting a button to compile the firmware. With OpenMQTT however, I’m finding I’m a little overwhelmed with compiling a firmware.

Are there walkthroughs/ guilds on how to compile firmware in this community anyone can point me to?

I was reviewing this topic and looking to accomplish what they had, but having difficulties figuring out what steps I’d need to take:

Thank you!

You can see in the Github repository that there is a ‘platformio.ini’ file. This indicates that platformio is used, which would generally be in conjunction with VSCode (Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code). If you aren’t familiar with that you will find there is a fair learning curve. Scroll down to UPLOAD and you will find there are pre-compiled binaries for several platforms and a link to how to complie a version.