Help for IR codes

i’ve built my ir OMG, it talks to Home Assistant fine, and now i’m struggling with IR codes.

Mainly i have to drive an LG TV, a Sky+ decoder and a Technics HiFi.

Now, some questions:

  1. my sky+ remote, when i press the power button, sends different codes every time i try. Maybe there are 5-10 different codes. Is that normal? Do i need all or i can send always the same?

  2. i keep using raw codes because i cant’ figure out how to find the protocol code.
    For example, my ir receiver got this:

home/OpenMQTTGateway/IRtoMQTT {“value”:3322372548,“protocol”:-1,“bits”:18,“raw”:“222,1010,228,1138,222,738,224,2776,284,1220,222,1282,222,1146,226,866,248,12864,228,1004,224,1686,226,1822,224,736,256,702,228,2770,228,734,228,730,220”}

or this

home/OpenMQTTGateway/IRtoMQTT {“value”:551489775,“protocol”:3,“bits”:32,“raw”:“8980,4472,574,542,572,542,572,1658,572,544,570,544,570,546,570,546,570,546,568,1662,568,1664,576,538,576,1656,574,1656,574,1658,572,1658,572,1660,570,544,570,546,570,546,570,1662,568,548,568,548,566,548,576,540,576,1656,576,1656,574,1658,572,570,546,1660,572,1660,570,1660,570,1662,570”}

how i can find which IR_* is protocol 4294967295 and protocl 3 ?

It corresponds to NEC protocol, you have to check in the ir remote header file as stated in the wiki, I added also an IR mapping table in the reference google sheet:

One other possibility for you is to check if your devices are listed in the global caché database and generate the corresponding code. OMG is able on ESP8266 to use Global Caché codes