Help with IR components

I have a few old Microsoft MCE remote kits floating around. Is there any way I can use the emitter cables that came with the MS kit with the Wemos D1 Mini I am already using as a 433mhz gateway? I already have the IR receiver bit covered by using the same IR receiver cables I built for my Pi/Kodi HTPC setup.

Since the gateway is already sitting near the TV/Amp, it would be handy to add the functionality of controlling these devices.


Sorry but I’m not getting your goal, is it to control your TV by infrared by using parts of your MCE kit?

Correct. Since I am placing the kit in the same cabinet as my amp / Pi / TV, I was considering adding IR functionality. I already use a DIY IR receiver connected directly to the GPIO of the Pi to control Kodi. I was hoping to avoid needing to put the MCE USB receiver back into the mix.