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Help with new attempt

Hi, I just wanted to start with being able to receive-only 433 MHz signals, printing them to serial, and also transferring them to a single MQTT topic. I have 8266 NodeMCU ESP-12E with the SRX-882 433MHz unit. I’m not interested in decoding everything on the 8266 (which it seems like this project does alot of) but rather doing it all in Hass or Node Red. This project while very helpful and well developed for most people is very intimidating for me. I’m a real newbie and can’t get my arms around it. The main thing I’m trying to get into the system is Fortress alarm system door/window contact closure data into it to start with. Thanks.


Depending on the level of decoding you are talking about, decoding is indeed the goal of the project.
If you want to have more raw data you may take a look to Pilight or ESPilight debug and raw functions.