Heltec lora esp32 with sx1276 and uploaded with RTL_433

just started the learning curve with OMG, I have web uploaded heltec-rtl_433 to my heltec lora board.
This particular board has the sx1276 module fitted.
I bought this unit as a spare for a lora project and thought I would give OMG a tryout.
So does the heltec-rtl_433 code work with the sx1276 module???
If it doesn’t then the following can be ignored.

If the code does work on this board then I need some guidance to get it to hear 433mhz.
There are several 433mhz switches I can access, I have weather station that I can hear using my rtl_sdr dongle and I can use my sonoff rf bridge ( flashed with tasmota ) to hear and send rf.
I haven’t been able to get anything from the OMG.

MQTT explorer can see that the OMG is online …
I see SYStoMQTT line in MQTT explorer and it appears to have the settings I saved …

now at this point I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do ???
not sure what I missed or failed to do in the setup …
any guidance would be appreciated

Heltec makes a number of different boards with support for different frequencies, if you board supports 433Mhz with a SX127x chipset, it should work.

well that answers the whole problem … I found these words using google

There are two hardware versions of the board:
SemTech SX1278 for LoRaWAN communication in the 433 MHz band
SemTech SX1276 for LoRaWAN communication in the 868/915 MHz band

explains why it doesn’t work
living in Australia means LoRa is 868/915 MHz band …more specific 915MHz

Try putting it within 1 meter of the device; secondly, your device might not have an enabled decoder, if supported by the source RTL 433 project it can be migrated to RTL 433 esp, and hopefully the encoding algorithm is supported on SX1278. For my electric measuring device I hade to migrate the code RTL 433 esp and enable an additional encoding. So far it works, only pain point I have is that “reception” seems poor and I have to be next to the device.