Heltec-wifi-lora-32-915 | (Option 1) Upload from the web | Gateway appears to be set to the wrong frequency

Appears that the web upload binary was created using the 868E6 band setting despite it being shown as having been created for the 915E6 band.

Verified as follows:

When I use a lora sender node set to 915E6 nothing is received by the OMG. When I recompile the lora sender sketch using 868E6 the lora packets are received without any issues indicating that the gateway is operating on the 868 band.

868E6 not legal in the US.

Strange, here is the definition of the board :

Not sure what is wrong here, if you build it with this definition does it works ?

Appreciate the help. I’ll follow your suggestion next.

There is also the chance that the unit is defective. Depending upon the outcome of the “build and upload” test I’ll order another unit to check the hardware.

Working now. Thx.

Changed the LORA_BAND to 915E6 in the lora_config.h file where it is set to 868E6.

Based on my novice observation - it appears that the LORA_BAND might be “hard coded” in the lora_config.h file and not subject to the build flags.

Hope this info is helpful.

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Thanks for pointing this out @npotgieter

@1technophile, probably should have #ifndef for this in lora_config.h, so that current environments don’t get overwritten again by it. Possibly similar for other frequency settings.

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@npotgieter would you mind trying the latest development version of OMG

with the default


enviroment, where the there set


should work correctly now?




Many thx.

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