Heltec Wifi Lora-32 v2 gateway not receive LORA messages from other Heltec Lora

I’m a newbie and I have just 2 Heltec wifi Lora v2 boards. Loading a simple code (Sender-Receiver in 868 band) in both boards the program works properly.

Now, trying to go one step forward, I just loaded OpenMqttGateway software (Heltec-wifi-Lora 32 V2 868E9) in one of the boards, connected to Mosquitto Broker (correct and receiving standard messages from the board system, version,…) but it´s unable to receive messages from the Sender board.

I´ve uploaded simple code in the sender (like send Hello +counter) or even create a Json message with the values of the DHT11 sensor. But the gateway does not receive or reply to the broker anything.

The software loaded in the gateway it´s just the code loaded from the Web and just modified the parameter to the connector to Wifi and Mosquitto., so the configuration parameters file, etc are the default loaded from the Web.

Any advice on what I´m doing wrong?

Sender Code:
// Lora setup (based in Heltec Example)
#include “heltec.h”
#include “images.h”
#include “Arduino.h”
#include “DHT.h”
#define BAND 868E6 //you can set band here directly,e.g. 868E6,915E6

void setup()
if (serial_msg){
while (!Serial);

//WIFI Kit series V1 not support Vext control
Heltec.begin(true /DisplayEnable Enable/, true /Heltec.Heltec.Heltec.LoRa Disable/, true /Serial Enable/, true /PABOOST Enable/, BAND /long BAND/);


Heltec.display->drawString(0, 0, “Heltec.LoRa Initial success!”);

///// Lora Send packet
// send packet


dtostrf(temperaturaC, 4, 1, tempStr);
dtostrf(humedad, 4, 1, humStr);
dtostrf(hic, 4, 1, hicStr);

String jsonData = “{"nodeid":”;
jsonData += String(nodeId);
jsonData += “,"tempc":”;
jsonData += String(tempStr);
jsonData += “,"hum":”;
jsonData += String(humStr);
jsonData += “,"pres":”;
jsonData += String(hicStr);
jsonData += “}”;


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Same problem here any help ?