Heltec WIFI LORA V3 as Lora Gateway


I’m currently trying to load this onto a Heltec WiFi LoRa V3 board. My goal is to just have two board communicate to each other as a presence detection sensor. I’m currently trying to get it working and seem to be getting some errors. I’m in the US so I plan to use the 915mhz and not the 433mhz that it appears the V3 is not able to use. Using the board description below, I’m able to get the board to turn on and connect to the WiFi. If I enable the display or the ZGatewayLORA descriptions, It no longer boots and causes the device to keep rebooting. Any assistance is appreciated.

[env:heltec-wifi-lora-32v3-915]   ; Heltec ESP32 v3 Board with SSD1306 display
platform = ${com.esp32_platform}
board = heltec_wifi_lora_32_V3
lib_deps =
build_flags =
; *** OpenMQTTGateway Modules ***
;  '-DZgatewayLORA="LORA"'
;  '-DLORA_BAND=915E6'
; *** ssd1306 Display Options ***
;  '-DZdisplaySSD1306="HELTEC_SSD1306"'
;  '-DLOG_TO_OLED=true'         ; Enable log to OLED
;  '-DJSON_TO_OLED=true'
custom_description = LORA communication 915Mhz using arduino-LoRA
custom_hardware = ESP32 HELTEC LORA32


Display with the LORA gateway is not supported unfortunately, you should remove those lines:

;  '-DZdisplaySSD1306="HELTEC_SSD1306"'
;  '-DLOG_TO_OLED=true'         ; Enable log to OLED

Regarding ZGatewayLORA, we haven’t tested with this board so you may have to adapt the configuration and pins to make it work
Especially those:

Here is a proposal from arduino-esp32/pins_arduino.h at b98255d8d1be7280e767f15a8c759e13e00f4b4a · espressif/arduino-esp32 · GitHub

#define LORA_SCK  9
#define LORA_MISO 11
#define LORA_MOSI 10
#define LORA_SS   8
#define LORA_RST  12
#define LORA_DI0  14

I will modify my code to do what you mentioned. I’ve now spent a bit of time with the V3 and some LoRa Libraries, but it appears the Sx1262 LoRa chip on this board is causing some problems.

Additional, It may be possible that the LoRa library is not compatible with the SX1262 IC as there appears to be some compatibility issues with it compares to the SX127x chips.

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