Heltec WIFI LORA V3 with RTL_433

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Hi! I registered to ask a question about this. I finally got around to try to flash my LoRa 32. It’s a V3, because it has a USB type C. I bought it from Aliexpress this fall to replace the Tellstick when that went paywall but it won’t work. Every time I try, no matter what button I press, I get

Failed to initialize. Try resetting your device or holding the BOOT button while selecting your serial port.

Is this because this chip is still not supported, or am I doing something wrong?

And I don’t really understand the OOK references, even after googling for a while. Is Oregon and similar temperature sensors OOK, or are they another protocol?

I’m not at all a newbie with ESP32, I have at least 20 of them in my house, my car, my boat and my cabin with hundreds of lines of code in ESPHome, but OpenMQTTGateway is new for me. And so is working with libraries and creating the flash program from the ground up.

@Mastiff I moved your post as it is not related to LoRa gateway but rather the use of RTL_433

The Heltec LoRa V3 is not compatible with OOK demodulation so you can’t read from these sensors:

Thanks! And damn… :worried: So I have basically wasted my money because I was told by a guy on another forum that this would work, and I didn’t check anymore. You obviously know these things, so maybe you could tell me if that limitation is in OpenMQTT Gateway or in the hardware. I saw that another guy in the previous thread had gottins his to work with another system, but will it still not be able to read the sensors?

That’s an hardware limitation unfortunately. It does not support ook.

On the other hand it supports fsk but this combination (SX1262/fsk) hasn’t been built/tested.
Here are the fsk devices:

Thanks again! I guess I may be able to use it as a regular ESP32 if I solder on the GPIO pins that came with it, so it’s not a total waste.

You can still use it as a LoRa or BLE gateway without any soldering.

I probably can, but I don’t have the faintest idea what use I could have for that. Which is probably just my ignorance. :thinking:

With BLE you can retrieve data from all these sensors:

With LoRa it is more useful to play with the technology.

Thanks! I’ll look into that!