Home Assistant Auto Discovery / Connection problem

Migrating from Hive to the new MQTT built into HA has not gone well for me.

I created the binary to allow discovery following the directions for PIO and that seems to work.

I am not clear of how to set up the gateway connection to reach HA, I assume “core-mosquitto” is what I use in place of an IP address.

Thanks in advance!

{“mqtt_server”:“core-mosquitto”,“mqtt_port”:“1883”,“mqtt_user”:“MOSQTO”,“mqtt_pass”:“z8002a”,“mqtt_topic”:“hom e/”,“gateway_name”:“OpenMQTTGateway_ESP8266_IR”}N: IR_EMITTER_GPIO: 16
N: Setup OpenMQTTGateway end
W: MQTT connection…
W: failure_number_mqtt: 1
W: failed, rc=-2

The IP address is the one of your HASS server if you are using the MQTT broker addon.
The MQTT username and password need to be created into HASS (Configuration->Users)

Thank you very much! It was that detail that the IP address was the same as HA that I stumbled with.

Thanks again!

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For history, 68hc11 was the first uC that I have programmed :wink:

Same here, in FORTH…