Home made ESP32dev with sx1278 and FSK off (868mHz)


I have tested a ttgo lora32 board with the web upload version of the rtl_433 with FSK enabled with the same antenna, so data reception should be possible from my location.

I am not sure whether FSK is enabled with the following build flags, because while I have specified the frequency with 868.30, the board always starts with 433mhz.
The mqtt topic is also home/OMG_rtl_433_ESP instead of that should be configured.

I would really appreciate your help, because I am now totally lost again :slight_smile:

platform = ${com.esp32_platform}
board = esp32dev
lib_deps =
build_flags =

; rtl_433_ESP flag

;‘-OOK_MODULATION=false’ ; false then FSK modulation activated

; *** OpenMQTTGateway Modules ***

‘-valueAsATopic=true’ ; MQTT topic includes model and device
monitor_speed = 115200

one error solved:

I should have used the following setting, because I have a SX1276.
‘-DRF_MODULE_FREQUENCY=868.30’ is still not present in my build and I have to send a mqtt message to change that from 433 to 868.3


if you send the MQTT message with the key "save": true or change the frequency with the WebUI it will be saved upon restart.

If you want to have the frequency set at build time you should use:

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Thank you very much, the build flag is a life saver

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