Honeywell 5800 series (345 MHz)

I would like to be involved in any way possible to help bring the Honeywell 5800 series door/window sensors to the supported decoders list.

I have a handful of 5800MINI door/window sensors which I’m currently receiving data from using merbanan/rtl_433 and SDR dongle. They are rtl_433’s device [70] Honeywell Door/Window Sensor, 2Gig DW10/DW11, RE208 repeater. From what I can see, the 5800MINI’s modulation is OOK_PULSE_MANCHESTER_ZEROBIT, which looks to be one of OMG’s supported device decoders.

With my LilyGo LORA32 (433/470MHz), and dev version c12f51 of lilygo-rtl_433, I’m able to successfully change frequency to 345 MHz, and do receive data from other sensors in my neighborhood (protocol: "Interlogix GE UTC Security Devices") but not from my 5800MINI.

Please let me know if I can test and provide any other information! Thanks to this community. I’m new here and excited to be a part of it.

I’m currently working thru refreshing the rtl_433_ESP decoders, and this is one of them. It should be released in a few weeks.

Great! I was hopeful when I saw that decoder listed in your repo! Thanks and please let me know if there’s any testing I can do.

Any update on this? I’ve got a Heltec v2.1 433Mhz Lora device I just flashed w/ OMG. I’d love to use it to monitor a Honeywell 5800 series device that’s just a little too far from my RTL_SDR dongle to be reliable. I’m also happy to help with testing.