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How does it really work?


Pretty interesting project and effort.

There is something I don’t really understand though. How does the BLE to MQTT actually work?

How does the GW get the data? Is it through the advertising messages or there has to be established a connection to the BLE device?

And is traffic from the MQTT broker to the BLE device handled? What happens if there is no connection to the BLE device when an MQTT message arrives?



Both, depending on the sensor type.

What kind of traffic you are thinking about among the list of compatible BLE devices?

I’m planning to make a network with custom nodes. And I’m exploring a scenario where these act as beacons. Thus they send their measurements in the advertising messages and no connectionis necessary. But then what happens if there is a downlink configuration message? The only way to send this is through a connection. By the way is downlink even supported by your library for BLE devices?

For certain types of devices, OMG trigger a connection and retrieve data.
There is no use cases requiring to write a characteristics implemented for the moment.