How often SYS msgs sent? Lilygo RTL433 board

I subscribed to the SYS topic: "$mosquitto_sub -h gx100.lan -t “rtl433/lilygo/SYStoMQTT”

And it appeared that status messages were sent about every two minutes:
{“uptime”:1930,“version” … “modules”:[“LilyGo_SSD1306”,“WebUI”,“rtl_433”]}

I walked away for a while and noticed the status messages had stopped after about 2.8 hours:
{“uptime”:10210, … “modules”:[“LilyGo_SSD1306”,“WebUI”,“rtl_433”]}

No messages after that. I refreshed the UI and they started coming again:

Should that pause be in there, or is it a symptom of something amiss with my setup?

Hi @Patrick_Conroy,

the pause should not be there, as the SYS messages are continually sent every 2 minutes, as you have also seen initially.

Assuming the device running your MQTT broker did not have a break. it looks more like the PC you used for subscribing and monitoring went to sleep or so.

One helpful tool would be MQTT Explorer which lets you visualise different JSON properties like uptime.


Thank you - You’re right and I’m embarrassed. Too many PCs in the house - this one was indeed sleeping. Sorry…