How to open config page, if connected to WiFi


  1. New device run als AP (esp32-lolin32lite-ble)
  2. Connect to AP
  3. Open config page at and enter WiFi SSID and Password
  4. Device is connected now. IP is
  5. Open to change config → Page not found!

How to open config page again, like in (3.)?
I have to change MQTT settings

Hi @hans_Meier,

I assume you don’t have MQTT access to your device, as you want to change the MQTT setting. Is that correct? Otherwise you could change the MQTT setting through MQTT system command, or alternatively completely resetting your ESP32.

Other than the above I don’t think it’s possible to get to the set up page again once the details have been saved to the device’s flash memory., as described here

Note that the web portal appears only on first boot, if you want to configure again the setting you can do a long press on TRIGGER_GPIO or erase the settings.

just above this heading

Hope this helps


This is verry strange solution. Why not to make it permanently active?
But anyway, it’s done. Resetted


You would need to erase the device by mqtt