How to reset Sonoff RF Bridge with OpenMQTTGateway?

I’ve been changing my home network around and as part of that the address of my MQTT broker has changed. I didn’t realise at the time, but the Sonoff RF Bridge is obviously still looking at the old address.
How can I get on to it to change it?
I seems to be on my wifi network, but I can’t open the web page or anything - is there a reset button or something?


It depends on the version used and on the way you have setup your credentials, was it with the wifimanager portal or have you done it in user_config.h?

I’m honestly not sure - it’s been running for a couple of years without issue. I do think I used the wifi portal at one point…

I’ve managed to get it working again by adding a 2nd IP to my MQTT server so it’s at least working for now. I can’t get into it any other way, so I guess I’m looking at a reflash…