How to set static IP after initial config

Hi OMG community. Hopefully you can help me along a bit. I am using the Lilygo T.3v1.6.1 Lora 3 board with lilygi-rtl_433 firmware which workes perfectly. It is now getting my 433 device transmissions and piping them thru to my HA MQTT server like a treat. I do have one question tho. I want to hard set the IP address of the gateway. I can see that it has picked up the DHCP assigned address nnn.nnn.nnn.58 displayed on the OLED. When I try to log on to that address it requires a username and password. I have not seen a username set anywhere (except for the MQTT user/pass info), so I am not sure what that might be. Do you have any idea of the username and password to use connecting via the LAN to set a fixed IP address? Thanks again jules

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Hi @Jules

WebUI Login Authentication

But setting a static IP address won’t be possible through the WebUI and is only available through a custom build, preferably with the current development branch which has a simpler implementation for this ready for the next release.

Alternatively you can set your DHCP server to always assign the same static IP address for your gateway when it gets its DHCP assignment.

Hope this helps

many thanks for the info. Cheers…j