How to upload ino.bin to Sonoff RF Bridge

Hello all, brand new on your forum, and to this great project, do not have anything working yet. I saw on the latst download v0.9, their is a SONOFF_RFBRIDGE_OpenMQTTGateway_V09.ino.bin file.

I assume this is premcompiled, and ready to flash onto the rf bridge, how does one do that? I looked around on the Arduino interface, and do not see a place to upload a .bin file, also do not find it on the wiki, or did I miss something?

I see on the Arduino forums they use avrdude from the command line to upload .bin files, here is an article:

But I would not know what the command line commands will be, I am loading from a RPi 2 (got Arduino 1.8.9 on it), to a Sonoff RF Bridge.

Yes it is.

You need to use esptool with a command line so as to upload it to your device (an ftdi is needed)

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Thank you. I used an FDTI, with the

esptool write_flash 0x00000 ~/Downloads/OpenMQTTGateway/SONOFF_RFBRIDGE_OpenMQTTGateway_V09.ino.bin

Then received the following command: v2.1
Detecting chip type... ESP8266
Chip is ESP8266
Enabling default SPI flash mode...
Configuring flash size...
Auto-detected Flash size: 1MB
Erasing flash...
Flash params set to 0x0220
Took 3.82s to erase flash block
Wrote 358400 bytes at 0x00000000 in 35.8 seconds (80.2 kbit/s)...

Then, I reboot the RF Bridge after this, but it does not establish a network `OpenMQTTGateway`?
a) Is the mem position `0x00000` correct to write to?  
b) What else am I maybe doing wrong?

It seams my uploading with esptool is working now, with above instructions. My mqtt is receiving home/OpenMQTTGateway/version 0.9

But I still cannot be sure my RF is working. Maybe it is the buttons I have…

Are you sure your rf emitters are compatibles ?

No, not at all, will have to go get something that we know will work. Will this product work:

Sonoff DW1: 433MHZ RF Door Window Alarm


Answered in other thread