INA219 vs. INA226

Hi Florian,

Was curious if you also had the chance to use INA219 for monitoring DC current instead of INA226 (I was able to find in local shops only INA219 and Chinese stuff take more than one month on the road :slight_smile: ).

Couldn’t find meaningful differences between the two except for the higher voltage limit on the INA226 (36 V vs. 26 V).

I’m planning to monitor voltages in the range of 10 to 15 V so the lower limit won’t be a factor (although I think that the Arduino library used by OMG won’t be able to handle INA219).


Hi Petrica,

I didn’t have an INA219, and it seems that both can fit to your usage. It should not be difficult to handle INA219. If some people want to add it as a new ZsensorINA219 don’t hesitate.

Will let you know on the progress when I receive the sensors.