Install openmqttgateway

hello how to install openmqttgateway on a rpi zero and rpi 4

OpenMQTTGateway, for Bluetooth in your probable case, can only be installed on ESP32 devices.

On an RPi only Theengs Gateway can be installed.

you have the procedure to install it on rpi Theengs Gateway

It will have the same restrictions regarding presence detection as the Theengs Gateway Add-on, which is basically an easy Theengs Gateway installation for Home Assistant.

for the esp32, I can take any?

Pretty much any ESP32, the simpler the model the easier :wink:

you think when activities the presence for the addon?

I do not know if and when it might be implemented, as I’m only peripherally involved in the Theengs Gateway development.

For full current presence detection a cheap ESP32 with OpenMQTTGateway is your best bet.

I have an esp32 wroom ams1117, which firmware should I take

You should install the esp32dev-ble binary from the web upload page

then follow the initial WiFi and MQTT set up