Interesting Avatto/Bakeey/Tuya S06 IR remote variations


Being a big fan of my Avatto S06 IR remotes I came across this sales page on Aliexpress, which gives a nice list and comparison chart of the variations of the SXX remotes.

For myself the S11 (IR and RF 433 combined) would be the most interesting device, but for others the included temperature and humidity sensors plus the optional LCD display might have additional value.

While the internal climate sensors would probably need OMG adaption, the S11 could actually be IR/RF build compatible.

Does anyone have any experience with any of these devices yet, and what would be the general interest in them?

P.S.: S11 ordered and on its way for testing :slight_smile:


Following! I’m looking for same functionality…

So today my S11 arrived and I opened it straight away :wink: alas, it doesn’t look like it’s easy or even possible at all to get OMG installed on it.

Following are some pictures, if anyone else can deduct any further info

Only found this information so far on the Tuya Dev pages

I’m wondering now if a similar IR/RF model, as in

might use the same innards, just with a slightly different case, or possibly be more OMGable?!?

So stuck with separate IR and RF gateways for now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this!

Hi. I have the very same model. Did you got any progress?

Hi @soaresluciano,

After my above posting with the links to the Tuya CBU (Custom Built Unit) module data sheets, along with the custom Tuya SH4 433Mhz radio module

I set aside the project for the time being.

I believe it might not be possible at all, or at least more complex, for OMG to support such a custom module set up.

It would definitely require someone with more experience than myself with such custom module development :wink: but I have also ordered some SMD Grippers for any eventual further fiddling with the S11 in the future, as I don’t generally like having any cloud connected devices in my set up.

I’ll include my findings here, to maybe help someone who is more skilled than me.

I came across this repository on github OpenBK7231N.
It looks like a plain fork, but checking the author’s page, I found some interesting links.
One of them details how he/she managed to create, upload and run a custom firmware (Tasmota like).

I believe it might have some hints and useful information, to try something similar with OpenMQTTGateway.

*I can share the links, if it complies with the community guidelines.

While I found some OpenBK7231N repositories, but didn’t see anything related to the S11.

If you could share what you have found in this regard that would be great.

I got the chip model (BK7231N) from the CBU module datasheet that you shared.
Considering that S06 uses ESP8266 and S11 BK7231N, my assumption is (correct me if I’m wrong) that we need a different firmware/process.

Yes, I think the same, but didn’t you say that you also found a link where someone succeeded in flashing a Tasmota(-like) onto the S11? Maybe that could bring more light into the BK7231N and how to possibly allow for some future OMG flashing.