Introducing the Theengs Bridge: The Ultimate BLE to MQTT Solution with OpenMQTTGateway preloaded

Following the successful debut of the Theengs Plug, we’re excited to introduce the Theengs Bridge - your new Ethernet BLE to MQTT bridge. Loaded with OpenMQTTGateway, it brings exceptional range with its external antenna, ensuring your BLE devices stay connected, whether through ethernet or WiFi.

Optimized for Flexibility: Local and Cloud-Compatible

The Bridge supports local or cloud operation, letting you maintain autonomy over your smart network or leverage the cloud of your choice. Its compatibility with over 80 devices makes it a powerful hub for a variety of applications.

No vendor lockin, choose your platform

Connecting to your favorite smart home systems like Home Assistant or OpenHAB is a breeze with MQTT auto-discovery. You can also use the bridge with any MQTT-compatible platform.

Why Choose the Theengs Bridge?

  • Exceptional Range: An external antenna guarantees wide-reaching connectivity.
  • Dual Connectivity: Stability of a wired connection or the freedom of WiFi.
  • User Choice: Operate with full independence locally or connect via the cloud for extended functionality.
  • Expansive Device Support: With a growing list of compatible devices, the Bridge is constantly evolving alongside your smart home needs.
  • Development ready: the USB C port can be used to reprogram it following your needs, the Theengs Bridge is also a modular development board

The Bridge That Supports Open-Source Progress

By opting for the Theengs Bridge, you’re not just upgrading your smart home; you’re also helping open-source project development.

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