Ios app. no device detected

I just installed your app on two APPLE devices:
IPHONE 12 (IOS 17.2.1)
IPAD AIR (16.5.1)
The application is allowed to use bluetooth, local network and send notifications.
The integration is ok on an MQTT broker (JEEDOM atlas)
I notice the presence of a THEENGS APP topic via MQTT EXPLORER.
However, the APP does not detect any device.
The list in the “device browser” tab is however long.
Is it possible that none of the many devices in my home are compatible?
I don’t understand what else could be there.
I thank you in advance for answer.
(FRENCH – ENGLISH translation via GOOGLE, please excuse any possible blunders.)

Wlcome @Socrate13

This could be a very unfortunate case. Have you checked which devices are actually compatible with the mobile app - with the Compatible Devices list linked at the top here as well.

Do any of the device you have have a :white_check_mark: in the Mobile App column?