IR Module ESP8266

I have a strange behaviour when I contact my IR Receiver to my ESP8266 (Nodemcu).

The board is no flashable when the IR Receiver is connected. When I tried flashing it, my mac crashed twice (when I pulled out the USB cable, but not everytime, weird!) and I can flash it without it, but when I reconnect it afterwards the serial monitor prints random characters.

I tried the VS838 IR receiver and I connected it like shown here:

OUT to D4

So the pinout looks a different like shown here:

So whats the problem here? Do I need a different IR Receiver.

Another questions: do you use 850nm or 940nm for the emitter diodes?

What could be my issue?

Just a guess but pin D4 on the Nodemcu is also the serial TX pin so data is probably not getting through.

Also 940nm is the best to use.

Ok thanks, so which pin should I chose instead?

Could you also explain why 940nm Leds are better? Would it work with 850nm too?

Found the issue.

I used the Vin pin to power the Emitter, which is fien for board where you don’t have a VU pin.

If you have that VU pin you have to use this post for 5V.

Still interessted about this