IR Protocol Reference

We can sent MQTT commands like
/home/OMG/IR_NEC -m 12345678

Where /home/OMG/IR_NEC is the channel and 12345678 is the payload

However there needs to be proper documentation of each Protocol can you help me document it proper? This is important because MQTT is Case SENSITIVE i believe

Protocol-----------------IRtoMQTT-----------------MQTT Channel
UNKNOWN------------ -1 -------------------------- NA
UNUSED --------------- 0 -------------------------- NA
RC5 ---------------------- 1 -------------------------- IR_RC5
RC6 ---------------------- 2 -------------------------- IR_RC6
NEC ---------------------- 3 -------------------------- IR_NEC
SONY -------------------- 4 -------------------------- IR_Sony
PANASONIC ----------- 5
JVC ----------------------- 6
SAMSUNG -------------- 7 -------------------------- IR_SAMSUNG
WHYNTER ---------------8 -------------------------- IR_Whynter
AIWA_RC_T501 --------9
LG -------------------------10-------------------------- IR_LG
SANYO ------------------11
MITSUBISHI ------------12
DISH ----------------------13 -------------------------- IR_DISH
SHARP -------------------14 -------------------------- IR_Sharp
COOLIX ------------------15 -------------------------- IR_COOLIX
DAIKIN -------------------16
DENON ------------------17
KELVINATOR ------------18
SHERWOOD -------------19
MITSUBISHI_AC --------20
RCMM ----------------------21
SANYO_LC7461 --------22
RC5X -----------------------23
GREE ----------------------24
PRONTO ------------------25
NEC_LIKE ----------------26
ARGO ----------------------27
TROTEC ------------------28
NIKAI -----------------------29
RAW ------------------------30
GLOBALCACHE --------31
TOSHIBA_AC ------------32
FUJITSU_AC -------------33
MIDEA ----------------------34
MAGIQUEST -------------35
LASERTAG --------------36
CARRIER_AC -----------37
HAIER_AC ----------------38
MITSUBISHI2 ------------39
HITACHI_AC -------------40
HITACHI_AC1 ------------41
HITACHI_AC2 ------------42
GICABLE ------------------43
HAIER_AC_YRW02 -----44

Thank you :slight_smile:


You can take the ones listed here maybe?

Be carefull there is less protocols wompatible with Arduino and ESP32 compared to ESP8266.

Thats a longer list has something changed? This is what I have in config_IR.h

#ifdef ESP8266 //IR supported protocols on ESP8266, all supported per default
#define IR_GC
#define IR_Raw
#define IR_COOLIX
#define IR_Whynter
#define IR_LG
#define IR_Sony
#define IR_DISH
#define IR_RC5
#define IR_Sharp
#define IR_SAMSUNG
#define IR_RCMM
#elif ESP32

Is this Correct?

I update the master branch recently with the new version of irremoteesp8266 and i take the opportunity to enrich the list of protocols supported with the esp8266.

Your tab looks ok for me thanks.

What do you think about adding it to the wiki?

Sounds like a Plan.
Here is a google sheet

Will this work…

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Nice, thanks
Would it be possible to differentiate protocols compatible with Arduino/esp32 and esp8266

Sure its 1am here. I will put it up tomorrow…

The google sheet has been updated.

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Thanks I have updated the wiki

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