IRSend not blink when type commant MQTT to IR

I have esp 07 have upload OpenMQTTGateway_V09_IR.ino.bin to it. When i put remote into IR receive and press button, IR receive ok, have message in broker. In IR send, i type command send code to broker but IR not blink(i use phone camera for see IR signal). Please help me where to sovle this.
Thanks in advance

Did you checked the troubleshooting section?

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upload code example IR and change normal LED, the nomarl LED blinking. But i change to IR LED no blinking, no signal IR send.

could you post a photo of your setup?

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thank you your help!
Now i can see IR send blinking.
When i put remote to IR receive the code is: {“value”:16825533,“protocol”:5,“bits”:48,“raw”:“3448,1782,428,416,444,1324,430,414,446,426,424,448,446,426,444,426,444,426,424,448,444,428,442,430,446,426,422,448,446,1326,428,416,422,448,424,448,422,448,422,448,422,448,444,426,446,426,422,448,444,1326,432,412,422,448,422,448,446,426,444,426,424,448,424,448,422,448,422,1320,488,384,424,1346,430,1314,430,1312,430,1312,486,356,424,448,424,1348,428,414,424,1346,430,1314,434,1280,458,1316,426,414,422,1348,430”}

then i type command: mosquitto_pub -t home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTtoIR -m {“value”:16825533,“protocol”:5,“bits”:48,“raw”:“3448,1782,428,416,444,1324,430,414,446,426,424,448,446,426,444,426,444,426,424,448,444,428,442,430,446,426,422,448,446,1326,428,416,422,448,424,448,422,448,422,448,422,448,444,426,446,426,422,448,444,1326,432,412,422,448,422,448,446,426,444,426,424,448,424,448,422,448,422,1320,488,384,424,1346,430,1314,430,1312,430,1312,486,356,424,448,424,1348,428,414,424,1346,430,1314,434,1280,458,1316,426,414,422,1348,430”}
the IR send is blink but my TV panasonic not turn on. please help

Could you indicate where did you get the codes (from OMG receive)?
So as to send command you don’t need to send raw and normal value, you can try with this:
mosquitto_pub -t home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTtoIR -m {“value”:16825533,“protocol”:5,“bits”:48}

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Thank you very much your reply! I get codes from MQTT with mosquitto_sub -t # .
I think problem my TV Panasonic. I’ve tested with TV LG, it turn on with MQTT command to IR.

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My ESP 07 reboot everytime when i send message mosquitto_pub -t home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTtoIR -m {(long message with RAW to turn on Daikin AC)}
please help!

Could you indicate the version used of omg ?

The version is 0.9 on my ESP 07 with 1 MB flash. I cannot turn on my Daikin AC, my panasonic tivi. Only LG tivi can turn on.

Did you try with global caché codes (check the user guide for IR) ?