Is it possible to please add INKBIRD IBT-6X to compatibility list for openmqttgateway

Had an extra esp32 sitting around so i deployed openmqttgateway on it but was hoping i could use this to lookup the temps on my 6 channel bbq temp probe any help would be appreciated it looks a lot like the 6XS? but maybe has a different hw id than the current 6 probe unit that is implemented.


Hi @Timmah2000,

Which version of OpenMQTTGateway are you using? The 6XS is already included in OMG 0.9.11 - TheengsDecoder v0.2, the manufacturerdata looks the very similar and should already be recognised by the decoder.

Do you see it like that, albeit possibily still with wrong displayed data?

All probes, apart from probe 6 connect in your example?

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Hey DigiH, First off thanks for the help!
Got the most recent 0.9.11 and was able to build and upload with platformio, i currently have it tied to home assistant but i only see a bunch of generics and a few others not related to the IBBQ device (verified by downloading the diag logs and reviewing the mac’s involved).
on the monitor when i see the esp32 scanning / reporting back it can see the IBBQ device but i don’t see any temp readings or anything being reported back.

Hi Timmah,

can you try with MQTT Explorer

to see what might be sent? Although you say you monitored the esp32 scanning / reporting.

Please copy and paste any ManufacturerData you get, if the temperatures might not be decoded.

From your screenshot I would assume if should send

tempc - 22
tempc2 - 22
tempc3 - 21
tempc4 - 20
tempc5 - 22
tempc6 - nothing, as not connected

It really looks the same encoding as for the 6XS, so should be picked up by it.

All the temps above are 100% correct, as well as the unconnected.
00000000780473ee3984e6004a01dc00dc00e600f6ff (touched the thermal probe to get a change in the data)
00000000780473ee3984e6000401dc00d200e600f6ff (room temp for all)

what am i looking for when i browse?
I see the sensors but none for the mac for my IBT 6 temp probe that mac doesn’t appear under sensors, and only under / OpenMQTTGateway_ESP32_BLE / BTtoMQTT /

ok, so an extra “0000” at the begnning of the 6X vs. the 6XS, an easy fix/addition.

Let me finish cooking and eating my dinner here, then I’ll have something for you to test later :slight_smile:

You rock thank you very much!


can you change the decoder URL in platformio.ini from

decoder =


decoder =

(text should have been test there, but that doesn’t really matter now :wink:

Your IBT-6X should be recognised now with the temperatures, although currently still being reported as Solis 6. Will be changed once you confirm the temperatures are being published correctly.

N: Send on /BTtoMQTT/780473EE3984 msg {“id”:“78:04:73:EE:39:84”,“mac_type”:0,“name”:“iBBQ”,“rssi”:-54,“txpower”:0,“brand”:“Tenergy”,“model”:“SOLIS 6 Probes”,“model_id”:“SOLIS_6”,“tempc”:22,“tempf”:71.6,“tempc2”:22,“tempf2”:71.6,“tempc3”:22,“tempf3”:71.6,“tempc4”:21,“tempf4”:69.8,“tempc5”:22,“tempf5”:71.6}

Send on /BTtoMQTT/780473EE3984 msg {“id”:“78:04:73:EE:39:84”,“mac_type”:0,“name”:“iBBQ”,“rssi”:-65,“txpower”:0,“brand”:“Tenergy”,“model”:“SOLIS 6 Probes”,“model_id”:“SOLIS_6”,“tempc”:23,“tempf”:73.4,“tempc2”:23,“tempf2”:73.4,“tempc3”:24,“tempf3”:75.2,“tempc4”:22,“tempf4”:71.6,“tempc5”:21,“tempf5”:69.8}

and they are reporting / showing up in HA as well too just as you suggest Solis 6!
Thank you very much!

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i confirmed the temps with a pot of boiling water today and everything looks 100% all 6 probes read 20deg (room temp) when starting and 100deg (when boiling) i even put a probe on 6 to validate that and all the data looks correct!

Thanks for the detailed feedback :slight_smile:

The changes have been submitted to Theengs Decoder. If you want to rebuild please use

decoder =

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