Is there an image for TTGO 433 that includes both 433toMQTT and BLEtoMQTT?

The functionalities of [lilygo-rtl_433] and ESP32 BLE are great. I was looking for the combined firmware for the lilygo-rtl_433 that would serve both the 443toMQTT and BTtoMQTT simultaneously on same device? Maybe I missed from the list, but if not, can this be on the wishlist?

Not tested yet but on the way:

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AFAIK this is merged and in 1.5.0, but how do you compile with both? Because if I use platformio run -e lilygo-rtl_433 -e lilygo-ble it will just build 2 binaries. (I am a total noob)

With the v1.5.0 with the ESP32 platform update, we had a significant change in terms of available memory, so running both modules simultaneously will require some optimization to be done.

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Fully understand, I was already wondering if it would fit… Similar setups with ESPhome are also a squeeze.