Is this expected when upgrading firmware - duplicate controls in Home Assistant ? (in this case from 1.6 to 1.7)

Also seeing this. Was going to ask the same question.

It should have been removed, to remove it manualy you can remove the discovery payload into HA broker.
Should be into homeassistant/switch with the mac of the gateway and the key displaymetric
Keep the one with displayMetric

Sorry I’m confused what’s going on here. Not sure what “remove the discovery payload into HA” means? Do you mean remove the topics from MQTT? If I look into MQTT I can see topics like [MAC]-ohdiscovery and [MAC]discovery

Also, regarding the device I was logging (a watchman oil tank level sensor), I can see the MQTT topic, but it seems the payload is no longer being updated in home assistant.

I don’t really understand what’s going on or the best way to fix it? Start over?

No problem. Users may be at different locations on their MQTT journey so I understand that sometimes more detailled are needed.
You need to connect to the mqtt broker with a client like MQTT explorer and remove the message/payload that matches the details given.
This way the entity in HA should disappearw, don’t worry if you remove another one by mistake, a restart of the gateway would recreate it again.

Maybe open another topic for this