Issues installing Theengs

I am attempting to install theengs on a Orange Pi 2W, everytime I attempt to install it, it fails and gives me an error (error: failed building wheel for TheengsDecoder) and (error: could not build wheels for TheengsDecoder which use PEP 517 and cannot be installed directly)

Ive tried different OSs and have not get this to work. Is this just not possible on an Orange pi? Is there something I am missing? any help would be appreciated

You may be the first to test it on an Orange Pi 2 W. What are the installation methods you tried between docker and pip ?

I’ve only tried pip. Was hoping to getting it to work on this little thing.

I could try a docker and see if that works. I just want to use it to bridge a few devices outside my PC range. But didn’t want a full Pi board, this was just going to be easier to hide out of site.