Issues setting up fresh install of 1.7.0

Hi there, I’m trying to update my esp32 with esp32dev-ble and I am getting through to the Wifimanager but I do not know what to enter for the “gateway password”. I have tried setting it to a new password and the esp32 restarts, but it then doesn’t show up on my MQTT explorer and when I connect to its wifi and go to the IP it says “No AP Set” still. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

I had to reflash it, it’s showing up in MQTT Explorer now. Another question though, what is the Web UI? Is this the wifimanager?

This is different, it’s a persistent web portal that enables configuration of the gateway. You can access it with the IP address of the gateway, the username is admin and the password is the gateway password that you have set into WiFi Manager.