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Kaku acdb-7000bc

Hi all,

I have succesfully setup the OpenMQTTGateway witgh RF2 and autodiscovery in HomeAssistant.
I can turn on and off KAKU socket with MQTT and HomeAssistant.
I would love to integrate my doorbell (ACDB-7000BC). I cannot seem to receive any signal from it while my doorbell rings when I press the doorbell sender.
Has anyone succesfully integrated this doorbell?


Hi Daniel,
Not sure that I understand your problem. You write that the doorbell is ringing, so I assume that you use the direct RF signal from the doorbell button to activate the chimes. You will not receive a signal from the chimes (receiver) but you can from the button (transmitter). I have a ACDB-7000C which I think is the same chimes without the doorbell button from your set. I use a AWMT-003 transmitter which is connected to the external button, this signal is picked up by the Pilight Gateway and published on the MQTT broker. I can send you my config files but I use Openhab not HA. My problem is sending a signal from the Pilight Gateway to a Kaku device (see my post), including the Chimes ACDB-7000C. For this reason I still have to keep my RFXCOM alive although I strongly prefer to have all status changes published on the MQTT broker. I can’t exactly remember why I selected Pilight and not RF2, I tested them both on the modified Sonoff RF bridge. I’m interested in your configuration file for switching the Kaku sockets via RF2.
Kind regards,