KERUI D025 433mhz door window sensor (one signal)



Here is some infos about an OMG compatible the KERUI D025 door/window sensor. This sensor send only one signal when opening (no close signal)

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The sensor is powered by one 12V battery.

Power consumption
Sleep current 10uA continuously (measurement around my multimeter accuracy)
When triggered measurement is of 17mA during 3s

Duration estimation
12V 23A battery capacity is 55mAh
Sleep current per day ->0.01mA * 24 =0,24mAh per day for sleep
Total per day for sleep: 0,24mAh
4 sending per day ; 3s * 4* 17/3600 = 0,057mAh per day for sending

55/0,297=185 days -> less than a year

I do not recommend this sensor due to its power consumption and the fact that it doesn’t send a close signal.

Some pictures:
signal when opening

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