KERUI Z31 433Mhz Wireless Vibration Detector Shock Sensor


Here is some infos about an OMG compatible 433Mhz sensor, the KERUI Z31 shock detector. This sensor send 3 different signals:

  • vibration detection
  • sensor removal (tamper)
  • low battery

The sensor is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

Power consumption
Sleep current 4.5uA continuously ( measurement below my multimeter accuracy )
When triggered measurement is of 20mA during 3s

Duration estimation
AAA battery capacity is 1000mAh
Sleep current per day ->0.01mA * 24 =0,24mAh per day for sleep
4 sending per day 4* 20/3600 = 0,022mAh per day for sending
Total per day: 0,26mAh
1000/0,26=3846 days -> around 10 years … of course this doesn’t take into account the battery discharge rate.

Some pictures:
signal when tampering

signal when vibration detected


Disassembly 1

Disassembly 2

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