Lilygo custom bin


I have a 868/915 lily tty that I’m having some difficulty with and wondering if anyone has any tips. Specifically I’m trying to read my water meter which I can do with an existing Nooelec NESDR Mini 2+ running rtl_433 on the 915mhz frequency on a Raspberry Pi4.

  1. I was unable to select 915mhz on the device.
    – I set ‘-DRF_MODULE_FREQUENCY=915.00’ however after compiling, it remains as 433.
    – I attempted this flag in both [com-esp32] in platformio.ini and [env:lilygo-rtl_433] in environments.ini separately with no success.
    – I was however able to update config_RF.h to update the frequency with this method, but I’m unsure if it is valid or not.

/-------------------CC1101 frequency----------------------/
#ifndef CC1101_FREQUENCY
#define CC1101_FREQUENCY 915.00

  1. I’ve added ‘-DOOK_MODULATION=false’ to both [com-esp32] in platformio.ini and [env:lilygo-rtl_433] in environments.ini separately. Although I’m not sure how to validate this. Possibly through the console?

In the end, I’m not seeing sensors that I see on my other RTL_433 USB devices not running on Open MQTT gateway.


Platformio.ini file for reference if needed:

src_dir = main
include_dir = main
extra_configs =
default_envs = lilygo-rtl_433
arduinojson = ArduinoJson@6.18.3
arduinolog = GitHub - 1technophile/Arduino-Log: Simple application log library. supporting multiple log levels, custom output & flash memory support.
pubsubclient = PubSubClient@2.8
rc-switch = GitHub - 1technophile/rc-switch: Arduino lib to operate 433/315Mhz devices like power outlet sockets and receive PIR, door, window sensor signals
newremoteswitch = GitHub - 1technophile/NewRemoteSwitch: NewRemoteSwitch library v1.2.0 (20140128) for Arduino 1.0 Made by Randy Simons
ble = GitHub - h2zero/NimBLE-Arduino: A fork of the NimBLE library structured for compilation with Arduino, for use with ESP32, nRF5x.
irremoteesp = IRremoteESP8266@2.8.2
irremote =
lora = GitHub - sandeepmistry/arduino-LoRa: An Arduino library for sending and receiving data using LoRa radios.
esppilight = ESPiLight@0.17.0
rfWeatherStation = WeatherStationDataRx@0.3.1
rfm69 = GitHub - LowPowerLab/RFM69: RFM69 library for RFM69W, RFM69HW, RFM69CW, RFM69HCW (semtech SX1231, SX1231H)
rfm69spi = GitHub - LowPowerLab/SPIFlash: Arduino library for read/write access to SPI flash memory chips
rfm69_low-power = Low-Power@1.6
dht = DHT sensor library@1.3.2
unifiedsensor = Adafruit Unified Sensor@1.1.4
tsl2561 = Adafruit TSL2561@1.0.3
bme280 = SparkFun BME280@2.0.4
bmp180 = BMP180#efac46bd8d
htu21 = SparkFun HTU21D Humidity and Temperature Sensor Breakout@1.1.3
ahtx0 = Adafruit AHTX0
ina226 = GitHub - jarzebski/Arduino-INA226: INA226 Bi-directional Current/Power Monitor Arduino Librar
a6lib = GitHub - h2zero/A6lib: An ESP8266/Arduino library for communicating with the A6 GSM module.
wifimanager32 = GitHub - tzapu/WiFiManager: ESP8266 WiFi Connection manager with web captive portal
wifimanager8266 = GitHub - tzapu/WiFiManager: ESP8266 WiFi Connection manager with web captive portal
ethernet = Ethernet
esp8266_mdns = esp8266_mdns
wire = Wire
fastled = fastled/FastLED@3.5.0
adafruit_neopixel = adafruit/Adafruit NeoPixel@^1.11.0
onewire = paulstoffregen/OneWire@2.3.7
dallastemperature = DallasTemperature
m5stickc = M5StickC@0.2.0
m5stickcp = GitHub - m5stack/M5StickC-Plus: M5StickCPlus Arduino Library
m5stack = M5Stack@0.3.1
m5tough = GitHub - m5stack/M5Tough: M5Stack Tough Arduino Library
smartrc-cc1101-driver-lib = SmartRC-CC1101-Driver-Lib@2.5.7
stl = GitHub - mike-matera/ArduinoSTL: An STL and iostream implementation based on uClibc++ that supports my CS-11M class.
shtc3 = GitHub - sparkfun/SparkFun_SHTC3_Arduino_Library: An Arduino library to take Humidity and Temperature readings using the SHTC3 sensor from Sensirion
rtl_433_ESP = GitHub - NorthernMan54/rtl_433_ESP: Trial port of the rtl_433 Library for use with OpenMQTTGateway on a ESP32 and a CC1101 Transceiver
emodbus = miq19/eModbus@1.0.0
gfSunInverter = GitHub - BlackSmith/GFSunInverter: ESP32 library for GridFree SUN-2000G invertor.
decoder = GitHub - theengs/decoder: Efficient, portable and lightweight library for Internet of Things payload decoding.
ssd1306 = GitHub - ThingPulse/esp8266-oled-ssd1306: Driver for the SSD1306 and SH1106 based 128x64, 128x32, 64x48 pixel OLED display running on ESP8266/ESP32
lm75 = jeremycole/I2C Temperature Sensors derived from the LM75@^1.0.3
rn8209 = GitHub - theengs/RN8209C-SDK: MOKO Power Metering SDK based on RN8209C chip
framework = arduino
lib_deps =
build_flags =
-w ; supress all warnings
; -E ; generate precompiled source file (.pio/build/
/src/main.ino.cpp.o), use for precompilator debuging only (prevent compilation to succeed)
; ‘-DLOG_LEVEL=LOG_LEVEL_TRACE’ ; Enable trace level logging
monitor_speed = 115200
esp8266_platform = espressif8266@4.1.0
esp32_platform = espressif32@6.1.0
esp32_solo_platform =
atmelavr_platform = atmelavr@3.3.0
[com-esp] ; Used by all ESP8266/ESP8285 based builds
lib_deps =
build_flags =
[com-esp32] ; Used by all ESP32 based builds
lib_deps =
build_flags =
‘-DZwebUI=“WebUI”’ ; enable WebUI as a default for all ESP32 builds ( the module only enables for ESP32 based builds )
‘-DARDUINO_LOOP_STACK_SIZE=9600’ ; The firmware upgrade options needs a large amount of free stack, ~9600
‘-DOOK_MODULATION=false’ ; False is FSK, True is OOK
; *** OpenMQTTGateway Config ***
;‘-UZmqttDiscovery’ ; disables MQTT Discovery
‘-DvalueAsATopic=true’ ; MQTT topic includes model and device
; *** OpenMQTTGateway Modules ***
lib_deps =
build_flags =
lib_deps =
build_flags =